Friday, June 11th 2004, 3:30pm
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Low celebrate a decade
Low will release a three disc box set, titled A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities, July 20 on their own Chairkickers Union label. As the title suggests, it will consist of all B-sides, rarities, outtakes and demos; 53 songs in all. The box set also includes a DVD ... (read more)

Growing ready release, tour
Growing are set to tour much of the US and parts of Canada with their wintry/minimal/noise rock stylings this summer; the duo released their debut album on Kranky, titled Sky’s Run into the Sea, last year. According to the label, Growing will be debuting tracks from their upcoming fall relea... (read more)

Pedro releases live tracks
Pedro the Lion have set up set up something special for fans that purchased the recently released Achilles Heel album on Jade Tree. Each day at 2pm (CST) a new live track from the band's current tour will be posted Pedro the Lion’s website... (read more)

Modest Mouse tour worldly
Modest Mouse are set to head out on multi-country tour in support of Good News for People Who Love Bad News beginning June 22. All across the land the radically superb sound will float on from the skin burning days of late June to the shorter days of mid- September. All dates from July 14 th... (read more)

Muse reach out
Muse have just released a new player that allows you to sample tracks off their latest effort, Absolution. The site can be accessed here. Muse will also join the Cure on select dates of the Curiosa Fest... (read more)

Underoath release, tour
Underoath will release their sophomore and “arguably most anticipated” release in Solid State’s history, titled They’re Only Chasing Safety, June 15. The band has a three-month tour booked in support of the release, which includes a stop at this year’s Cornerstone Festival (June 12) and two ... (read more)

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  • Of Montreal
    Of Montreal create fun music. It really is as simple as that. Hailing from the booming Athens, GA music scene, Kevin Barnes and company (when there is company, that is) have been making the most of constructing engaging indie pop fun for the past six years. In our conversation with Barnes, we really do cover a whole lot. So much in fact that it’s seemingly pointless to tease you right here with what was discussed. Just read on already.

  • Limbeck
    Limbeck apparently love the Midwest. How nice of them. They tend to dig quite a few other things as well - like revamping their sound and touring the shit out of two continents. Since the release of their 2003 born-again album, Hi, Everything’s Great, Limbeck have garnered a wide fan-base, attracting fans from sub-genre this and sub-genre that. We talk with them about various subjects and discover that Jawbreaker could potentially beat out Fugazi on the most popular band people were listening to at age 17.

  • Broken Social Scene: Kevin Drew
    What do you know? Toronto truly is artsy. File sharing actually does help some people. Delayed hype can really wear a band out. And sometimes a person will do things that they normally don't (thankfully, in this case). Kevin Drew takes some time to explain how all of these concepts apply to him and his collective, Broken Social Scene.

  • The Hold Steady
    Of course an interview with the Hold Steady is gonna touch on Lifter Puller - topics such as this just cannot be ignored. But, you know what? It’s not all we talk about. Craig Finn and company tell us tales about the state of music in New York, Minneapolis’ past and various other important subjects such as breakdancing in such a jovial way that it’d be very hard for you not to hit that link above. Curious, aren’t you? Go right ahead.

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  • Of Montreal Disconnect the Dots
    Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes stood behind the stage at Minneapolis' First Avenue - 7th Street Entry, staring at...something. The top of a speaker cabinet, maybe - that's where his head was pointed, anyway. I felt a little guilty interrupting him, even though he didn't seem to be doing anything in particular. "Kevin?" I offered his name almost as an apology. He looked up at me and I reminded myself that this is how you ought to look if you want to write and sing about efeblums and coquelicots: small, thin and almost elfin. As we exchange... (complete feature)

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    Thoughts From The Sea (2004/05/25)
  • Funfzehn Minuten
    Down here on the bottom of this page, hopefully hidden from the casual reader, you will see that we have a column that is not necessarily about music. Whether you heed this warning or not falls onto your shoulders, as our columnist, Tim Creen, Esq., chooses instead to comment on life, liberty, and the pursuit of all things moving at 60 mph in a strong cross-wind. This being said, we decided to employ Mr. Creen so that an avid reader could take a small break from reviews and interviews and instead gain minute amounts of knowledge on other, lesser topics....

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